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Bellow is my best selling product. It is a 5.6mm sketch pencil. It is made from spalted maple. This pencil is great as its lead is almost 1/4 of an inch thick. The top is also a sharpener for the lead. The lead can also be removed and replaced with a pen insert or other color leads.  Contact me if you are interested. Price is $35.00 for pencil with pen insert and an extra $5 for the Red, Green, and Blue inserts. A three pack of the leads can also be purchased for $4.00. Just use the contact form if you are interested. I have a limited supply of the spalted maple (and every piece varies in color and design)  but have many other types of wood that can produce many different looks for this great useful pencil.

5.6mm Sketch pencil with accessories 5.6mm Sketch Pencil

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